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Mission & Vision

The vision of the Orrick School District is to Encourage - Empower - Educate. The Orrick School District will be a district dedicated to encouraging students to reach their full potential, and empowering students to take ownership of their success while focusing on educating the whole student.

Our mission is to be dedicated to every student every day.

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Welcome to the Orrick School District

The Orrick School District is a small rural school district located Northeast of the Kansas City metro and sits about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City. The district offers small class sizes, friendly and quality staff, and a number of clubs, organizations and activities for students to be involved in. Situated in a tight-knit, and supportive community with small-town values and quick access to the amenities of Kansas City, the Orrick School District, and community is a great place to live, work and send your kids to school. Whether you're an educator looking to work in a small-town school close to Kansas City, or a family seeking a supportive small-town environment to send your kids to school in, see yourself here!